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  • Emma teunis
    iam a woman who lives alone iam 82 yrs old In this time of great uncertainty i hear many shootings at night I came across this word from Jesus that a time would come to sell my garment to buy a sword I feel for being alone i should buy protection for defending myself now if my home is invaded Can you elaborate on what Jesus said?
  • Adam
    Jesus said to turn the other cheek Matthew 5:39, but in my opinion that means to not seek vengeance or to retaliate to participate in endless quarrels or conflicts. We are called to be an example of love and called to forgive. That doesn't mean we should forsake our personal safety or safety of our family or loved ones. We also should protect ourselves and loved ones as our bodies are valuable holy temples and we need to be good stewards of our gifts, talents, and our ability to serve others. The Bible also talks about being on our guard, prepared, with the armor of God. Ephesians 6:10-18.

    So, it's my opinion that we should take care of ourselves, including physically, like what we eat, exercise, hygiene, security, and personal safety. For safety there are lots of ways to protect oneself and ones property, like door alarms, security light sensors, cameras, pepper spray, dazzler lights, loud sirens, decoys, surprises, extra secure doors, windows, layers. I personally would do 100% of that before buying firearms, but that is my personal opinion. Even though we should protect ourselves we should not fear, but trust God. Matthew 10:28. May God bless you!
  • Stanjett
    Emma, I wish you could move in with one of your kids or a nursing home. BUT, if not I would buy protection. I would suggest a 410 shotgun. They don't kick much and will do enough damage that they will run. Nothing wrong in protecting yourself. Go to a firing range to try it out.
  • Bob Hilt
    Emma - I say you should do as Jesus said and buy a sword (modern day firearm) and protect yourself if need be from the violent animals that roam the streets of today.
  • TammieSogolon Sakidi
    It's like I always say" Life is too short to waste time, energy or thought" on things that don't please God. The only way we can know Him is through His word. I love the King James version of the Holy bible and it is what I use. This chapter expresses our need to be true to the calling on our lives. I found out what God called me to do. Each day I grow stronger so when the time comes I will be ready, willing, and able to accomplish what thus saith the Lord. I hope everyone will seek and find their gift and talent from Almighty God: in Jesus' name, Amen.
  • Stephen
    The world will always be full of hate, until the end of time, because of greed, hate, power and money will always be wars.

    To come out of the world, I don't believe any christian should ever go into war or military, or have anything to do with any profession, where there could be a possibility of arming someone.

    I don't see Jesus taking a gun to go kill anyone, or hate anyone that much. His mission was about Love and even to give your own life for someone,....unconditional love.
  • Dawn Silva for verse 3
    Re: Ecclesiastes 3:3

    Why would there be a time time to kill if the bible teaches love one another above all things. What does this verse actually mean or what did it truly mean when it was written? Why would this be in the bible?

    One of the ten commandments states thou shalt not murder.

    While reading the bible and trying to figure out Ecc. 3:3, I find it disturbing.

    Thank you for addressing this email.

  • Chris for verse 3
    Dawn, you are correct that the Bible teaches that murder is sin, as is Anger akin to murder (Matthew 5:21,22). But when we come to Eccl 3:3 we see an apparent conflict in God's command against it elsewhere. We see the writer (we believe it's Solomon), of Ecclesiastes ponder over some aspects of life: its aimless cycles, paradoxes, futility, and yet, through all these, we need to recognize that life is a gift from God to us & to be enjoyed within the scope of obedience to Him & that true justice will be served by Him at the end. But he says that within the full scope of life, with its happy times & sad times, there is a time when death will occur (unnaturally). Now my understanding of verse 3, is that the "time to kill" must refer to those times of war when sadly, the soldier has to kill & be killed, also, it can refer to the outcome of justice, where the Judge pronounces the death sentence upon one convicted of wilful murder (e.g. Genesis 9:6, as well as many instances where God has called upon the leaders of the Israelites to execute those who broke certain of His Laws). Now some today may find this very offensive, but that was God's requirement to maintain a Holy Standard among His people, as it is still His requirement for judges today to maintain such punishment for capital crimes. You may not agree with this, but this is what is required to maintain true justice & give real protection to the people.
  • Makes sense.

  • Clementine Boddie for verse 8
    what specifically is Solomon referring to when he says," a time to hate." We are studying Ecclesiastes and would like to know in what context he is using this. Are we to hate something, someone, etc!
  • Mishael for verse 8
    Clementine on ECCL.3 Your question on a time to love; a time to hate. If you will start in chapter one and highlight the word HATE to chapter 3, You'll have your answer. Hate has its own season and it teaches us patience really.

    I have a testimony about that but I'll keep silence. There's so much hate in our world these days. Your testimony is love, peace, & centeredness. Keep your eyes on Jesus.
  • Bob Hilt for verse 8
    This is my take from King David. Psalms Chapter 139: 19 Surely thou wilt slay the wicked, O God: depart from me therefore, ye bloody men.

    20 For they speak against thee wickedly, [and] thine enemies take [thy name] in vain.

    21 Do not I hate them, O LORD, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee?

    22 I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies.

    David hated them who hated the Lord. Has anything changed?
  • David Hummel
    There is the statement in God"s word of Amos 2:1 that could be historical or prophetic or both. Edom of scripture , it seems, is represented as
    Russia. This could be a prohecy of how the Romanovs were found executed by red (Edom) Russians in 1918 or thereabouts.
  • Brianna vs 1213
    Several times in the the book of Ecc. God encourages his servants to work hard and reap the rewards from our hard work. This teaches me more about the personality of our creator. He expects us to work hard, whether at spiritual things or secular things. He doesn't like us to be lazy. Hard work brings results. So it is his will that we can rejoice in the fruits of our labor. This encourages me to work hard in my spirituality, my quest to draw close to God, and in my everyday tasks. Then I can have the confidence that I will have God's blessing and enjoy what my hard work produces as long as it is according to God's will. Jehovah God wants the best for his creation and he is very loving!!!
  • Grace Au
    I'm angry. Why would God say our works are vanity! Grace Au
  • Deborah Nickrand
    God did not say this sweetie, it's Solomon speaking here.
  • Js
    Only what we've done for Christ will matter in the end anyway so don't get caught up in what this world has to offer. Store up all of your treasures in heaven not on earth where they can rot and decay and where thieves can break in and steal. People are busy preparing for this life but they're not preparing for the life to come. Be encouraged and get your house in order. Jesus is coming soon!!!
  • Rjgil
    Grace Au on Ecclesiasties 3 - Why would you be angry? Remember that this book is showing the vanity of life. Our works after salvation by Grace Ephesians 2:8 9 , are for the Lord and we are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good works which God hath before ordained that we would walk in them Ephesians 2:10 . These are not vanity if we do them for the Lord with the right motive.
  • Jason Stillman
    Our sports alone is a clear sign this country encourages idolizing to the furthest degree otherwise we would just watch the game and no one would ever be paid to play or watch bc that is how you treat ideas and actions that never progress anyone forward nothing but entertainment comes out of sports. No one is saved, no one receives wisdom, everyone gets rich or is overly excited over what???
  • Rjgil
    This discussion has moved from being angry for what God says about our works, to what man is doing. Ecclesiastes is written to show the vanity in our lost estate. Before we are born again, everything we do is vanity. We have NO spiritual interest, purpose, or desire to honor God ,(nor can we - that is wrought by the Holy spirit). If we don't have the Holy Spirit, we are none of His. Romans 8:9.
    We honor ourselves, and want no part with God.
    Not in sports only, but in business, schools, government (at all levels), and everything. God is speaking about the lost man...
    As I stated, when we are in Christ, God will bless our works if done to honor Him.
  • Bayardo Guevara
  • Paul J Mitchell
    The Unbelievers live under the sun as the Believers live under the heavens.
  • Vanessa
    people do not understand all things are done through God and those that brag, have no clue that everything they have done, has been done before. Put God first in all things and be thankful to him always, I do nothing, but with him we do all things. Such wisdom to the soul
  • Kevin Kettell
    you guys just quoted this for the quote on the opening page. By the way this is the definitive. KJB. king james bible. So anyway thanks for reminding me of this book. Its been a long time since I opened up my bible to this page. Im sure you all know the Byrds song Turn Turn Turn. a direct steal of the bible.
  • Michael
    I think this a the pivotal chapter of Ecc that turns the mood of the wise teacher from the futility of work, toil and life without God in the first 2 chapters, to the realization that there IS a time for every purpose under heaven but ONLY with God's direction, purpose and love. The Wise One then gives more examples of the difference between mans life works without God and the Beasts.
  • Agnes Kane
    I know that, whatsoever God doeth, it shall be for ever: nothing can be put to it, nor any thing taken from it: and God doeth it, that men should fear before him.

    M so in awe of God, especially since i have been studying this whole book of Ecc. i believe its about our purpose in life, what was the intention of the Creator for, for us to revere him in all, worship him for who he is, he created all
  • Judy N
    I haven't read all the comments yet, but there are two that speak to me... Isaac Anyolo's comment the preaching of God's Word is not eternal we need to use this time now to win souls to God and April Sims comment on 8.8.15 what already has been that which is to be already has been - God allows history to repeat itself.
  • Paul Henry
    know if you read this book carefully which is Ecclesiastes 3-8 To every thing there is season,and
    a time to every purpose under the heaven.
  • Jessica
    Amen! , Thankyou Jesus!
  • Judy
    We are always busy in this life, and there seems to be a time for all affairs, they come and go with seasons. As surely as we will return to dust-so to the seasons with their seemingly deep ties to our lives, all affairs really held little meaning, in comparison to where we are going and where we belong.

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