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  • Chris - In Reply on Ecclesiastes 2 - 1 year ago
    Hi Robert. If you type 'usury' in this Site's Search the Bible box, you will find seventeen instances where the word appears in the whole Bible. Then you can peruse those verses to see how that word is used in various situations.
  • Robert on Ecclesiastes 2 - 1 year ago
    Where will I find reference to usury
  • Each man has an Achilles' heel thorn in the flesh is Paul described it a thi on Ecclesiastes 2 - 2 years ago
    Solomon was listed as a true Wiseman ever and believe it or not this man was a love child made in love. He was a man that didn't study war, he knew God but he's a prime example of what happens when a child walks in his father's footsteps and he suffers his father sins and those sins for Solomon were far greater than David's. When it came to women God never denied him the women but he was a fool to think that he could have seven or 800 wives and 300 concubines and it not affect his life in anyway. Face it his body may have been strong enough to withhold that kind of demand, yet his heart became divided and the thing that he took pleasure in most was the thing that brought him to his knees, causing him to misplace love and loyalty to his God. Thats when you see the foolishness in the hearts of the wisest man that ever lived. It may be hard for you to celebrate this wise black man but when you stop and look at his accomplishments the things he was able to do without a sword and when you look at the wisdom of God manifested in his kinship then you know deeply every man must constantly examine his love and his loyalty to God each man has an Achilles' heel thorn in the flesh is Paul described it a thing that drives you haunt you and wakes you in the midnight hours the only way to kill that beast it's a prayer fasting and a circumspect of walk before God
  • Adam - In Reply on Ecclesiastes 2 - 2 years ago
    Hello, one theory is they may have died pre-flood, another is that small babies or maybe eggs of them were taken aboard the ark. There's supposedly some evidence of dinosaur tracks and human tracks together which may indicate post-flood activity, according to evangelist Dr. Kent Hovind.
  • IcedtearsBabyBlues - In Reply on Ecclesiastes 2 - 2 years ago
    If Dinosaurs really existed would they been in the ark?

    Is what I meant to say
  • Noah's Ark and the lie of Global Warming - In Reply on Ecclesiastes 2 - 2 years ago
    If you read Noah's story, the whole time he was building the ark, he took off time to evangelize the people in town.

    There had Never been rain (only mist/humidity), and the townspeople heckled Noah continually. They had every chance to get in the Ark.

    I imagine that when the flood reached mountain tops it was exceedingly painful to hear people screaming outside.

    Right now there are huge disasters going on daily, all over this planet. ITS NOT GLOBAL WARMING.

    2 PETER 3, describes what is happening to earth. It's warming up, volcanoes are erupting everywhere, fires are burning out of control on every continent almost, every nation is experiencing drought; some more, others less.

    Go on YouTube and type in DISASTERS.

    If you live in an area close to oceans and seas, I would move if possible. If I lived in the middle of a dense forest, move. We can't stop what happens as it is written in the Bible. All the money they will force us to pay, because of global warming is a waste.

    Jesus is coming back soon to Remove BORN AGAIN Christians off of this planet. Being sprinkled in Catholic Church as an infant won't save them. God has THE BOOK OF LIFE and our names must be in that BOOK. We have to say the prayer and live the Life. (No sneaking around)

    God knows we're weak, that's why we pray when we mess up. Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit to help us stay straight.

    I was about to let a gum wrapper fly out of the car the other day. I said, why not__and the Holy Spirit said, Oh Really?! Busted. I was sorry too.

    There isn't anything holding up the Rapture (Caught Up). Christians are the ELECT now. As soon as we are gone, Israel will be evangelized.

    If you have unsaved friends and family, sit down and read John 3 with them. Get them in the DOOR. Nurture them through Christian babyhood.

    Everyone who has some disability now, will be totally healed in the clouds with Jesus!

    It's Not global warming. God is going to restore earth Himself.
  • IcedTearsBabyBlues on Ecclesiastes 2 - 2 years ago
    If really did exist wouldn't they of been on the ark?
  • English Sacha - In Reply on Ecclesiastes 2 - 2 years ago
    Thank you so much . Your post made me smile this morning in England .
  • Robert J DeHaan on Ecclesiastes 2 - 2 years ago
    It was in this book of Scripture that I felt that deep abiding love for all things through Jesus Christ. He is all that truly matters in this life. Nothing is more fulfilling than having the Holy Spirit as He reveals the truth of God's eternal plans for those who seek after the Lamb that was slain for all sinners. Free will is an amazing thing to ponder, you and I are given the choice for life with Christ or life without Christ for all eternity. That should make us fear the Lord and make us so very humble, for all that the Cross means. Our sins so easily separate us from the GREATEST LOVE that ever was, the Love that forgives us all our sins! May it ever amaze us today and every day til Jesus returns for those of us He calls His own. Unspeakable joy should overwhelm our souls as we feed on the Word of the Lord. Thank you Jesus for Eternal Life, the most generous gift of all. May we sing with joy the Everlasting truths of God's Word. PRAISE THE LORD! Lift high the Royal banner! Proclaim Jesus Christ from the mountain tops.
  • Tim legarie on Ecclesiastes 2 - 2 years ago
    As a little child filled with joy laughter and excitement to meet Jesus Christ our saviour and king.

    We wait in anticipation with our lanterns filled with his light to guide others to his path.It weaves and turns yet becomes straight when our hearts and minds are focused on his presence.

    Pureness ,and holiness are his and his alone! We can only attempt to reach at the hem of his gown,and that he realise an angel to tend to our afflictions and doubts.As he blesses us each day with his prescense in our hearts ,and souls.Thank you father for all you have done for us in Jesus name amen
  • Martin Maxwell - In Reply on Ecclesiastes 2 - 2 years ago
    Solomon may have been too wise for his own good; he was no prize. He spent the latter 20 years of his reign worshiping strange gods and courting thousands of women. He singlehandedly divided Israel into two kingdoms. He is associated with the occult so much so that the Freemasons pay homage to him in the forward of their Bible. This, the so called wisest man that ever lived, was off the rails.
  • Brenda streeter on Ecclesiastes 2 - 2 years ago
    I think that king Solomon, was one of the wisest king that lived for his time and today...because his. Wisdom is still spoken of. maybe if we get some of that godly wisdom in the state capitol and white house to day,.the earth would not be as bad as it is. I believe there would be a lot peace among nation...I pray for our president, joe Biden..that the lord speak to his heart and mind, guide him and his cabinet.
  • Church on Ecclesiastes 2 - 4 years ago
    yes everything is vanity in this world.
  • Daisy on Ecclesiastes 2 - 4 years ago
    I think we forget that all things we have here in this world are borrowed. Nothing truly belongs to me or anyone. Once we die, we leave it all behind. We should never be attached to anything in this life. It will all soon be left behind.
  • Carlene Foster on Ecclesiastes 2 - 4 years ago
    What i have just learn in Ecclesiastic make want to be humble. Whatever you're bless with in life we should remain humble because all things in life is vanity and when we forget the keeper of them all it vex the Holy Spirit.
  • Vanessa on Ecclesiastes 2 - 4 years ago
    seeking pleasure of the things you possess of this world, an glorify in riches means nothing, it will all be someones elses when we leave, nothing here really matters except glorifying God the father and be thankful to him for sending his son to die on a cross so we can have a life with him forever, that's our true treasure and the one I seek, we are free from the burdens of this life. Amen!
  • Will on Ecclesiastes 2 - 5 years ago
    Love this book. It has many good insights in the world...
  • BSP on Ecclesiastes 2 - 5 years ago
    Verse 11~Solomon was the richest and wisest man of his time and he came to the conclusion that lasting happiness and fulfillment is not found in seeking a life of materialism.
  • Cat on Ecclesiastes 2 - 6 years ago
    There is nothing better for a man, than that he should eat and drink, and that he should make his soul enjoy good in his labour. This also I saw, that it was from the hand of God.

    To have what you need and take satisfaction in your work and achievements is of God. Striving to have more than everyone else is totally unnecessary and vain.
  • Zee on Ecclesiastes 2 - 6 years ago
    There is nothing new under the sun. All our labor
  • BSP on Ecclesiastes 2 - 7 years ago
    Verse 24 shows that the only reason we can enjoy the things that bring us pleasure in life is because God allows us to enjoy them. We should truly be grateful to God and live our lives in a way that shows that we appreciate all the good that Jehovah God has done for us.
  • GeraldineCole on Ecclesiastes 2 - 7 years ago
    All is well when we have Jesus as our leader all we have to do is obey his word that is the only truth then he will teach us how to treat our follow man and live In this world without being of the World when we walk and talk and pray and study the bible life is not hard we make it hard by the way we see things I our minds walk not in your understanding talk with Jesus before u do things Amen
  • Kathi on Ecclesiastes 2 - 8 years ago
    What was missing was eternity with all Heaven. Life on earth without God is not really life at all but certain emptiness and death. Hopeless and helpless till Jesus...................................
  • Dean COOPER on Ecclesiastes 2 - 8 years ago
    Gives a lot to consider,.He's at the crossroads, and like many of us.chooses the wrong path, lots of lessons here if we don't think he was just a fool after all it could happen to me also to think not is also vanity
  • Odetta anese hines on Ecclesiastes 2 - 8 years ago
    This has been another great lesson.I enjoy the trivial questions.
  • JAY. on Ecclesiastes 2 - 8 years ago
    Thank my lord Jesus I found this and got read it tonight I needed this it has help me,the only hope for all man kind.....!
  • Geraldine cole on Ecclesiastes 2 - 9 years ago
    What I got out of this is u can have everything u need on the earth and if u do not have Jesus U don 't have Nothing so what we need to do first is to accept Jesus first then he will give u you what u stand in need of praise The Lord Amen
  • Dd on Ecclesiastes 2 - 9 years ago
    Whatever we do in the world is vanity.
  • Shay on Ecclesiastes 2:24 - 9 years ago
    We were made to find satisfaction in wholesome work. Even in the direst of circumstances, you can enjoy a measure of satisfaction in life right now from working diligently and honestly.
  • Mary adamo on Ecclesiastes 2 - 9 years ago
    Glory, praise and honour to our Lord and God. It 's written that the duty of man is to seek first the kingdom of God and all his righteousness. In all our ways to acknowledge him for he is the true and living God, the. Great I am. Through his son the Lord Jesus Christ we have been redeemed and reconciled unto God. King. Solomon who wrote this chapter concludes with all his riches and wisdom without God, all he had was vanity and vexation of spirit.

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