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  • Alex on Ecclesiastes 1
    Comments by Alex about the trinity which is very simply even a 5 yr old can easily see it. When God told Moses that his name was Abraham Issac and Jacob and my memorial to ALL generations implies his kingdom is a trinity scenario a family aka as the family of God . And from this family came the nation of Israel the multiplication of Abrahams seed. The very fact that we have a Father and a Son begs the question of a Granson ( THE H.G. ) that comes out of Christ loins his seed etc. and an ISRAEL OF GOD the multiplIcation of CHRIST via his seed. When God swore by himself that Christ wd be multiplied as the STARS OF Heaven thats the Israel of God , the CHILDREN OF Promise . That will come outa of Christ precious seed the LIVING WORD . You ppl that gag at 3 are gonna be sick when ya see that Christ THE Absolute SON is gonna be multiplied as the Stars of heaven. Remember Jesus multiplies after the God kind not the human kind. when he said to whom the word came it made them Gods and that which is born of the spirit is spirit his offspring which is the H.G TH GRANSON th beginning of the ISRAEL OF GOD. Just as Jacob th granson was the beginning of the nation of Israel. Like i said a 5 yr old can see this father son and granson family type Kingdom. Humans are just the good ground where that good seed will be sown. k
  • Hyacinth Ukwuagu on Ecclesiastes 1
    If Esau usually took his game catches home for the family, then he deserves to have his own share of the family meal. But if he wasn't doing that, then, he would not deserve or expect to have a share of the family food.

    Unfortunately, the Bible is silent to all those unexplained background facts.
  • Hyacinth Ukwuagu on Ecclesiastes 1
    Esau did not make mistake. Instead, he though Jacob was making a big joke; to ask for birthright for mare food! He was truly hungry to a point of fainting, having been in the field for a long time. They were still living under one roof in their parent's house. Why would a mother give one child food and not keep for the one that was in the field?
  • Dwayne nickson on Ecclesiastes 1
    has any human being in this modern age has seen angels?
  • Mishael on Angels - in Reply on Ecclesiastes 1
    There are people who testify they've seen them. Car accidents where they survive something that had to be supernatural.

    They are sent to minister to the heirs of salvation. That's believers. Could be comfort, help in a situation, cautioning.

    Myself, I think mostly they are acting invisibly; but people still see them, or hear them.

    There was one instance when after church I found a relative (a medium, psychic: one who can lend their bodies to attack others), trying to convince my mother the Roswell Incident was real. I waited till she finished her "spill". I said to her: those books are written to sell books, make money, deceive the unspiritual; to enrich their bank accounts.

    After a long pause, she replied: you are correct. I excused myself to go to bed.

    Barely asleep I was attacked. I pleaded the blood of JESUS. I heard a physical fight take place outside the window. I couldn't see anything but I was hearing violent body blows. It stopped and I was sure I'd never sleep again! Peace came over me and I fell asleep. My aunts companion left early and then she did. All I know is that I'm alive to tell of this, Praise to Jesus!

    We can't order them to come to us. They are angelic agents that serve God. He sends them to the heirs who ask for help. All kinds of help: freeing up finances, a home in a safe neighborhood, driving in wicked weather, a job. They aren't our butlers or maids. Bless God they are there when we call out to Him. When fear and doubt attacks you...pray out loud to God.

    If your teenagers are hanging out with the wrong crowd... ask for angels to go with them. Praise Him who hears that prayer!

    God loves us so very much. He gave us the best gift of all gifts. His son. The gift is not received until you unwrap it and make it your most precious possession. Amen!
  • Ramon Hamm on Ecclesiastes 1
    Verse 9: ... and there is no new thing under the sun.

    I don't understand this, it must be abstract. There are new things made by man every day, it must mean that there are no new earth elements being made or no new things like wind, fire, water etc being made?
  • Rick Mentzer - in Reply on Ecclesiastes 1
    Thats in relationship to peoples actions or what man thinks says or does.
  • Miguel pedraza on Ecclesiastes 1
    Truly every thing was vanity , till i met christ , then my life begin , praise god. the beginning of wisdom is truly the fear of the lord.
  • Process of love on Ecclesiastes 1:2
    I think that all Vanity of vanities, all is vanity. Means all the world goods is vanity. "Nothing". We can't take nothing with us when we die. We are here today and gone tomorrow. Surely we need GOD here on earth and forever. All the things on the earth is vanity when time has past and gone. We work , eat, sleep, raise our children.

    Truly We need GOD , the son of GOD,

    JESUS CHRIST our LORD and Savior. Believing in him , we live forever. Every thing else is vanity.

    We live , we love, and we die. Our members ce is gone. We fly away as a dove in the sky. The life we live is remembered by our live ones, friends. We are written of in books. Taught of in schools , and family our strength , and courage and love. But we leave this world, and fly away with GOD, our FATHER. The ONE that made us, HE takes back what he made. All is vanity in this world.
  • Wolfen244 on Ecclesiastes 1
    Can you folks see the tiny cryptogram in this chapter?

    Sun - or the largest fire in our solar system - 5 times.

    Earth - once.

    Wind - twice.

    Water - 3 times.

    Earth wind fire and water were not the four ancient elements. They were the four ancient elementary mnemonics ancient man used to begin "being in the spirit" as John the Revelator did. God is trying to tell you how serious it is to have you yourselves teach yourselves to be "in the spirit". Only mentioned 11 times? Not serious enough for you?

    In Genesis chapter one, these 4 mnemonics are mentioned 54 times. Is that serious enough for you?
  • Liberius on Ecclesiastes 1
    With the exception of modern technology, there truly is nothing new. All of the pathologies ailing modern society are outgrowths of the same ones that have bedeviled mankind since we took our first steps on this Earth. No matter how much we achieve, we are brought low by the same causes, like a dog returning to his vomit. The more you learn of history, the more you understand Ecclesiastes 1:18.
  • Dave G - in Reply on Ecclesiastes 1
    Nothing could be more true. It was this book of the bible that brought me to Christ.
  • Reminds me of a story of a greedy man who gambled, spent money like no tomorrow and had women surround him. He died and was surprised to see he had it all women, gambling, money as much as he could ever want he thought he was in heaven it was wonderful but soon he grew bored of winning all the time and tired of women fawning over him, tired of no let downs he had it all -in hell.
  • Lawrence Hempel on Ecclesiastes 1
    The main statement of this chapter Book is how useless, vain, transient is everything "under the sun" and when it is all that occupies ones life, it is vexation to realize the unimportance of a life spent the material world. Though at the end of the book Solomon recognizes that God is due our obedience and love for as Ephesians 1:3 states He hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in Christ.
  • Andy olan on Ecclesiastes 1
    Solomon was a fore sight preacher that his time is fit for 21 century quotes but those that oppose his intellect are not there they think they are above or just pain simple they are not taking life at valuable points in life in the gospel like i need to get heaven rather that playing it to hell. but middle of is good to teach ages from 12 25 life prinicpals of life structure
  • Kylie Smith on Ecclesiastes 1
    There is such a contrast between Ecclesiastes and Proverbs. Proverbs seems so full of wise advice; so is Ecclesiastes, but Solomon's bitter experience and his regrets over his sinful life are painfully apparent. Ecclesiastes is wonderful, but sobering. I especially like the cycles of nature in Chapter One. Studying a masters in Envl Science, it tells me that Inspiration is way ahead of science!
  • Brenda M Dalton on Ecclesiastes 1
    I think Ecclesiastes is a great reminder, or a teacher if we haven't been there yet, that nothing we do that is not of God will prove to be worthless at the end of our lives. None of it. And the happiness we seek, the emptiness we search to fill can only be found in the will of God. What God wants for us is what we should be discovering for ourselves.
  • kinda sad reading Solomons writings chapter 1 Eccl. Sounds so full of boredom and like he feels alone in same ole same ole...Here he is writing one of Gods inspired books of Bible
  • Chris Powell on Ecclesiastes 1
    All is vanity, this earth, our human body, homes, cars are temporary that s why the ear and eye are not satisfied. God made us to want him more than these things, he is the one that quenches our thirst. God knows it all cause he created it all and there s nothing new that surprises him.
  • I AM THAT I AM on Ecclesiastes 1
    No, there is no new thing under the sun now, O LORD. You teach that all is vanity. For you spoke and it was done: you commanded and it stood FAST. For we are but of yesterday, and know nothing, because our days upon earth are a shadow: There is no darkness, nor shadow of death, where the workers of iniquity may hide themselves or thy Name, O Father, by their vain attempts to cover it up:
  • Hannon Roy on Ecclesiastes 1
    Anything new? Try living on the Moon or Mars. Exploration isn't new, but space is. Growing an ear on a mouse (Genetics) is new. We should love the idea of new, not letting ourselves get tired of riches and wives. Still, God loved and recognized him.
  • A disciple on Ecclesiastes 1
    "There is no remembrance of former things; neither shall there be any remembrance of things that are to come with those that shall come after." When the king sent to call all those who had been invited to come to his son's wedding, and all made excuses why they couldn't come; when the king heard he was furious, and commanded that they were not worthy who had refused; but not the whole Nation.
  • A disciple on Ecclesiastes 1
    Dear Bob; I love the Book of 'The Preacher' or, 'The Summoner.' Some Bible expositors say that Ecclesiastes was a Book about Solomon's Non-Spirit filled attempt to figure out life. But what it really is, is a collection of examples used to call people to rise above this present existence, and all its vanity and vexation of spirit. The very Title of the Book implies Preaching and Calling Assembly.
  • Bob DeHaan on Ecclesiastes 1
    I have gained much wisdom and understanding from this wonderful book called Ecclesiastes. The heart of man seeks all that is vanity in this world. We can not understand unless we give up our lives to Jesus Christ. We become new creations in Christ, seeking seeking An Eternal perspective instead of a vain and temporal perspective. Holy Spirit feed us the Bread of Life each new day!
  • Clarence Bagley on Ecclesiastes 1
    could it be that Year's is only a myth if there is nothing new under the sun
  • Carolyn Rowe on Ecclesiastes 1
    God gave Solomon wisdom greater than anyone before or after him, yet he ended up marrying 700 "strange " women ( heathens) who turned his heart from God to idols. Man at his best is vanity. He misuses God's gifts on his lust.
  • I perceive the knowledge of Geography as a subject already existing in full deta on Ecclesiastes 1
    God is Omniscient. He knows everything, and we need to therefore fear Him alone who knows all things in secret and in the open, in dark or in light, in private or in public. Fear Him Alone!
  • A disciple on Ecclesiastes 1
    Pauson; this is something that many of us were taught, by those who didn't know themselves! The fact is, that Solomon had asked the LORD for this wisdom to be able to feed the people with knowledge and understanding. "The Preacher;" which is most accurately interpreted, "The Summoner, (one who calls to assembly);" was written for awakening men out of the vanities of this life, to bring them to God
  • Pauson on Ecclesiastes 1
    Solomon could not understand his purpise of living. He served his interests rather than thinking about his legacy. All is vanity without christ.
  • Chris Powell on Ecclesiastes 1
    All that we seek and have is vanity, listen to what the Lord is saying. We can own everything in this world but will never be satisfied.

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