Ecclesiastes 3:8 Inspirational Image

Ecclesiastes 3:8 Inspirational Image

"A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace."
Ecclesiastes 3:8 (KJV)

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"It's time for war against the dark entities that have kick started the NWO. The beginning of the end is here. Resist and stand firm."
"I have to look that up and read more."
"You wouldn't think the Bible would say there is a time to hate, but it does. We are to hate the things that God hates.It basically comes down to sin. The Bible tells us some specific things that are hated by God and we aren't supposed to justify them."
"Caroline W. , you don't "hate" the people, you hate the things they do and the way they live. GOD loves all, but not their sin."
"I like king james version.."
"I love the Word of GOD, the BIBLE!!"
"Thy word is true endureth forever O Lord my God"
"God has His appointed time for everything, and it all works out for the good of His Kingdom here on earth, and His Devine Purpose and Perfect Plan for His Great Creation.."
"Lord,let it be a time of love,peace,joy...for ur word says 'my times are in your hands'"
"The end is closer than we all think"
"The time to hate evil is always or now and always"
"A time for every thing....according to the time of life......a set and appointed time for everything under the sun. God sets these time and at the time appointed all words shall come to pass in the proper time. As he hast spoken so shall it stand. The times can not be altered, quickened, delayed or ignored. These cant be questioned and even unseen to the sleeping and the closed eye....but the things that are to come.....will come and even has come."
"I can't hate"
"Its time for war between good and evil. The human mind is the battle ground, so it depends on what you choose between the two, there is nothing like im on neutral or both."
"O.K. I think the U.S.A. is ready for some of that peace time."
"Prepare us O GOD ,for the difficult times that are about to come on all the earth."
"Quintin Todd, no, I found it. Hearing the truth is often times a terrifying thing to those who have yet to see and understand the real world they live in. Don't be fooled by the indoctrination of the pop culture around you. The end has begun. Look around you."
"A favorite"
"A place for everything and everything in its place. A time for everything and everything in its time."
"A time to laugh and a time to cry..."
"A time to live and a time to die."
"Amen thanks God for being understanding to us. Your my light, strength, and hope for my life."
"Ecclesiastes is one of my favorite books of the Bible."
"Everything in due time"
"I hope it is a time to love and time of peace I'm ready"
"I need it very serious"
"Is it time for WAR? If so, against whom? I already know the WHY!! HOOAH!! Go ARMY!!"
"Jesus Christ fulfilled the Law of the old Testament with the love of God.We are heirs of the NewTestament.Jesus never said hate;He said LOVE yr enemy.JESUS IS LOVE.You cannot Love nd hate.James 3:9-12"
"Love the individual, hate their sin."
"Love this Chapter . Was read at my late husband's funeral ."
"May the words written upon my heart arm me, let my calling be clear, my actions be carried out in boldness of spirit and to God be all the Glory!!!!"
"So many preachers selling that prosperity gospel and the loving god surely need to read the KJV--Guess what gang, Rapture comes after the great Tribulation---Read Matthew 24--and also do you know what Martha said to Jesus when he was there to raise Lazurus from the dead---Remember she said He stinketh now for it as been four days--and the Lord asked her do you believe he shall live again--Martha said of course I do--At the end in the resurrection at the LAST TRUMP--Now read Revelation---It is high time us Born Again Christians Got some learning--READ IT FOR YOURSELVES--JESUS SAID WE DO NOT NEED A MAN TO TEACH US FO THE HOLY GHOST THAT LIVETH IN US WILL TEACH US---God's words are life and healing--AND SOMETIMES THERE IS POVERTY, DESPAIR AND TRIBULATION IN THIS WALK WITH THE LORD--We are to endure until the END----"
"Thats the truth but i dont hate. i want to give forgiveness and love. Amen.."
"There is a time for everything!"
"Theses contradictions are life today. Stand firm of what you believe because Jesus is on our side and God is on our side. Praise Jesus. Praise God. Amen."
"This is my all time favorite scripture"
"This is the Preacher , just read this 10/26/2013 Thanks LORD , wake up America"
"This is the time we kneel to our beloved GOD and pray for peace"
"Tis is a time to hate!!"
"True that we don't know when the rapture will take place. In Rev. the first few chapters do speak to the churches. But the rest of the book does not mention the churches at all. So most theologian believe that is because the rapture happens just before or soon after the beginning of the tribulation. There appears to be no reason for God to make his faithful children to go through that. It is a time for the unfaithful to bring them to Christ."

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