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Storms of sand and dust sometimes overtake Eastern travellers. "They are very dreadful, many perishing under them. Jehovah" "threatens to bring on the land of Israel, as a punishment for" "forsaking him, a rain of "powder and dust" (Deut. 28:24)." "To cast dust on the head was a sign of mourning (Josh. 7:6); and "to sit in dust, of extreme affliction (Isa. 47:1). "Dust" is" "used to denote the grave (Job 7:21). "To shake off the dust from" "one's feet" against another is to renounce all future" "intercourse with him (Matt. 10:14; Acts 13:51). To "lick the" "dust" is a sign of abject submission (Ps. 72:9); and to throw" dust at one is a sign of abhorrence (2 Sam. 16:13; comp. Acts 22:23).

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