"Dwelling, the Dora of the Romans, an ancient royal city of the" "Canaanites (Josh. 11:1, 2; 12:23). It was the most southern" settlement of the Phoenicians on the coast of Syria. The "original inhabitants seem never to have been expelled, although" they were made tributary by David. It was one of Solomon's commissariat districts (Judg. 1:27; 1 Kings 4:11). It has been identified with Tantura (so named from the supposed resemblance "of its tower to a tantur, i.e., "a horn"). This tower fell in" "1895, and nothing remains but debris and foundation walls, the" remains of an old Crusading fortress. It is about 8 miles north "of Caesarea, "a sad and sickly hamlet of wretched huts on a" "naked sea-beach."

"A female antelope, or gazelle, a pious Christian widow at Joppa" whom Peter restored to life (Acts 9:36-41). She was a "Hellenistic Jewess, called Tabitha by the Jews and Dorcas by the" Greeks.

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Definition of Dor:
"generation, habitation"