"VIRUS" in Bible Discussions

  • Angela on Revelation 12
    Gracious God. We love you. You are the center of our joy and the strength of our lives. We pray against the spirit of anti Christ,false witness,terrorism,idolatry, sexual immorality,sorcery,leviathan,jezebel,witchcraft,hatred,wars, pestilences, famine,divination and violence. We pray that the spirit of darkness be lifted from America and the scales would be lifted from peoples eyes that they may see the truth and be set free. We pray for a return of your people to the fear of the lord and that the ancient foundations of American be not removed and that you would bring men and women to a place of repentance and forgive our sins. We ask that you give President Trump,his family and administration the mind of Jesus Christ and fill them with your holy spirit. Protect them from the coronavirus and surround him with Godly council and that all elected officials and world leaders will have wise counsel and have a heart for God. We ask that you will forgive the sins of our land and heal our land. We pray that your will be done in the Presidential Election of the USA. Have mercy on us all. Grant us your peace and direction. We pray for revival in our hearts and churches. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem and healing for all of those affected by the coronavirus. Lord in your loving kindness and tender mercies hear our prayers and let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. We give you glory for moving by your spirit and answering our prayers. In Jesus name Amen.
  • In the News today on Matthew 10
    The ACLJ continues to score major victories for families struggling with school closures and AT-HOME learning during the Coronavirus pandemic.

    Planned Parenthood has reared ts ugly head again. It's demanding that the Supreme Court overturn the Trump Administration's rule defunding it of millions of TAXPAYER dollars. We're ready to fight back at the Supreme Court.

    Once again Senator Dianne Feinstein has reaffirmed her utter disdain for Christianity. Sen. Feinstein was caught on a "hot mic" ATTACKING Judge Amy Coney Barrett's faith and pro-life views: "She's been pro-life for a long time. So I suspect with her, it is deeply personal and comes with her "religion."

    They promised to leave Barretts faith alone, but they just couldn't help themselves. But in the end, it's an attack on YOU, your faith and your pro-life views. Join us in demanding the Senate confirm Judge Barrett now.

    House Speaker PELOSI is trying to hijack the Presidency, again!

    Pelosi is pushing legislation to establish a commission with the power to declare the President of the United States - chosen by the American people - unfit for office.

    This is a politically motivated attack on the 25th Amendment and on our democracy. We're taking action to expose and defeat the Left's plot.

    Conservatives have been silenced, blocked from Twitter. Pro-lifers have been "fact checked" as false for exposing Planned Parenthood's lies. This can't be allowed to continue.

    These social media giants must be held accountable. Next week the Senate Judiciary Committee will subpoena big tech CEOs for a hearing in just a few days. We're taking action, but we need YOU.

    New petitions needing signatures today.

    ACLJ website/petitions

  • Chris - in Reply on Psalms 91
    Indeed Mishael, the Middle East continues to bubble over bringing uncertainty & tension for those over there & with implications worldwide. Even the recent signing of the Abraham Accord at the White House between Israel, UAE & Bahrain (to maintain peace & good relations with Israel) brought some signs of hope to the M.E. And up to nine other Islamic nations are planning to join that accord. But how genuine are these Islamic nations - how faithful will they be to Israel when things get sticky there whilst Iran, the Hezbollah & Turkey are dead set against the existence of Israel?

    You may be well aware of this Site, as you're well-read both with the print & visual media, but I regularly follow The Watchman, with Erick Stacklebeck giving bi-weekly talks (Tues & Thurs) on the latest 'goings on' in that part of the world & beyond. He attended the Peace Treaty signings at D.C. & gives his first hand impressions on it. Certainly, the pieces of the 'puzzle' are being seen, if not coming together, but who will be the charismatic esteemed one, recognized by the nations, who can broker a full peace deal in the M.E.?

    Even with the Covid virus showing signs of a second wave in some countries, I wonder how the on-going negative impact this will have on the economies of the world, will also weaken the hearts of men to put their trust in someone that can lead them & pull them through a time of general ruin & despair? We can but watch & pray - and pray for Christ's Body to stay true to the Lord & our Holy Faith when Satan will seek to disrupt our confidence & take away our joy & peace.
  • Stanjett on Isaiah 1
    One of the gifts God gave me is common sense. I will wear a face mask went I'm out and about among other people. What if you not wearing a face mask give other people the virus. You think God will hold you guiltless? God will take care of this virus in due time, but until then use common sense and wear a face mask.
  • Karen - in Reply on Deuteronomy 6:18
    Do you have any scriptures that are showing about Corona virus the nearest scriptures. Thank you
  • Being Critical on Revelation 12
    Hebrews 10

    23 Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised

    24 And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works:

    25 Not forsaking the ASSEMBLING of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.

    Comment By Mishael:

    Verse 25 is talking about going to Church; and it clearly tells us why we do that. If Almighty God is telling us to go to Church, I'm sure it means He will keep us from getting the virus. But it's up to each individual to practice safety if they want to.

    Why do we go to Church? It is more than seeing what people are wearing, or critiquing the praise and worship songs, or Who's there and who's a "no show." How truly petty and carnal.

    We are there to fellowship, share a testimony of how God has blessed you that week; or someone you know. If people are fearful, then YOU pray for God to meet their needs. Have something positive to say. Exhort each other that Jesus is returning soon.

    Do we think that Moses had time to stop and share with frightened people crossing a sea bed fleeing from Pharaoh? God told him to get up Front do the people could see him.

    Church is FAMILY. It's not Facebook or twitter or fake media; they will gossip as soon as your back is turned.

    We need to read ALL of Hebrews 10.

    Only a soldier whose been on a battlefield knows what I am saying: NO SOLDIER LEFT BEHIND !!! You pick them up and get them to safety.

    The Christian Church in China is having their churches SHUT DOWN. You can't have church in your home. They confiscate all christian literature and destroy it. Now they are giving $30,000 fines to Christians who do not obey. Your athiest neighbors rat you out to authorities. China cops are installing surveillance cameras in private homes on repeat offenders.

    Be a blessing to those that may be scared and need encouragement.
  • Teresa Mccurry on Matthew 24:9
    I know the book of Deuteronomy tells us why God, is allowing the virus, but I am left alone with my dog now isolated 3 years and 8 months every one I loved turned from God, and quit loving one another !

    I want a life a family ,but they all have up !

    I do pray for Jesus return but I really didn't want to see and know that they would turn away from me and God, it's hurting I pray God, atleast send me one human to go threw this with but I'm peaceful I know my saviour ,and all is well
  • Mishael - in Reply on Exodus 9
    In areas that are sparsely populated, they're not experiencing Corona virus like big cities do.

    Maybe some cows survived.
  • Bruce Bennett on Revelation 9:7
    Coronavirus 19-or some subsequent mutation thereof?
  • Adam - in Reply on Revelation 12
    Hi Claire,

    I think the reason some say baptism is encouraged, but not 'required' is verses like John 3:16.

    However, in my opinion, that's only part of the picture; there's so many other verses to consider like Acts 2:38.

    You already read the scriptures, you already want to do it, and you absolutely should. So, please do it, despite the pastors opinion. Since churches that normally would do this probably do this on a limited basis during the virus, if you don't want to wait any longer, all you need is another person, such as a pastor or minister, to baptize you. You could get permission to be baptized with a church's facilities on another day, or you could do it in a lake, pool, or hot-tub or any number of places that are just as valid. The key is that you know what it symbolizes and its helpful to read the scriptures beforehand so you know exactly what it means.

    May God bless you and congratulations on your decision!
  • Kevin mack on Psalms 10
    This Psalm reminds me of the secret santanic societys that are responsible for the United States of Americas present condition, problems, and disaster's. (Illuminati, Freemasons,night Templars,nights of Malta, etc.) Bohemian Grove members atrocities child molesting and cannibalism. Plus waging war with the conservitive States of America by using haarp weather controlled storms like B-52 bombers to prevent people from voting for Trump, plus coronavirus to shut down the United States of America and the church of Jesus Christ !!!
  • Chung Lam - in Reply on Jeremiah 2
    1. I do believe the Corona Virus was made by mankind, and then gotten released by the Chinese Communist Party leaders and there is no honest reporting in how the corona Virus was released accidental. The matter was released, covered from the world, and even the World Health Organization covered for the C.C.P. leaders. Where did this Corona Virus come from, what countries had the Corona Virus, was this Corona Virus part of Bio-chemical Research Warfare or released to find or do a cure research? The rich and Pharmacy Market are going to profit by getting a successful cure. The C.C.P. had this type of Corona Virus secretly, and in due time it was accidental released with no official civil or legal consequences. This Corona Virus spread world wide, millions have died by a accidental release, the Globalist must be happy the world's population has gone down somewhat. Maybe the Globalist will use Biochemical to depopulate systematic. There are yet 7 vials, bowls or judgements or plagues to come upon this earth ending in Rev..16:17-21; 2. It is written brethren can only be righteous still or holy still in Revelation 22:11; I have never met a holy Christian that claim he or she was perfect, and did not sin anymore. I have heard some Christian talk about love a lot, but they do not love in word or deed. They claim to love God, but they do not obey God. You would think someone that sinned much would love or obey God more.-read Luke 7:40-47; They love to sing songs of love, but they also sing foolish songs or songs that make no sense. Like the words in the song, Friend of Jesus or Friendship with Jesus. People meet in church, in a darken room, with dim lights, shaken their heads with their hair following their head shaken in the same direction. It is like you are in a dim light rock and roll concert, people moving to the flow of the fast music.
  • Old Days versus These Troubling Days - in Reply on Genesis 32:8
    When I was young, we Painted each other with washable paint,

    Sang " all you need is love", by the Beatles and played frisbee.

    Then everyone went swimming. It was fun.

    Nowadays people burn stuff, shoot at the cops...wind up in the hospital with the virus.

    Jesus could come back tonight when the rioters are in the street; AND they will not be caught up in the clouds with Jesus; no matter how many times they've gotten "saved".

    They will be Left Behind with an Antichrist who will have them gunned down on the spot. He hates everybody and demonstrates it every single day. He will hang decapitated heads on college gates to discourage rioting.

    Everybody Google the riots at Kent State College, in the 1960's, by the students. They were not using rubber bullets.
  • Romona Williams on Isaiah 263 on Isaiah 26:20
    This scripture is very relevant for this time. We live in a day when people are sad and depressed. Covid 19 demands that we wear masks and live almost in isolation. This virus have placed restraints on our way of life; it exposed our vulnerabilities and our helplessness. Who can we depend on? they are all overwhelm. All that can be shaken have shaken and who can fix it? But God. We have lost focus.
  • Kevin mack on Deuteronomy 7
    I would like it very much if God would bring Deuteronomy chapter 7 to pass again ,for the United States of America against all the Jesus haters who burn our country, use biological weapons (coronavirus - Bill Gates ), push LGBT rights against the church of Jesus Christ, refuse to repent, support defund the police, support communist democratic party BLM agenda, Muslim brotherhood, communist China, Iran, bohemian grove moloch the horned owl cannibals, illuminati, Freemason, pedophiles, crooked politicians, deep state, shadow government down to hell . Psalms 143 last verse. Most of all, need mass revival. I weep for God's intervention.
  • Vincent Calvert - in Reply on Hebrews 10:25
    I agree. Assembling is merely coming together as a congregation (however big that may be) to edify and exhort one another as fellow christians. No walls to any building are necessary. However, as time went by, more people gathered and a building was just a matter of course. I do believe there is an "outside" church near where I live. Quite frankly, I think an outside church is a great idea. This corona virus thing has forced my church into the parking lot and God's creation, and it is very nice. Yes, weather will take a toll, which is why the walls of a church are handy, but I am willing to go with it.
  • Adam - in Reply on Genesis 1:14
    It's interesting how you put your faith into flawed humans who have been wrong and lied countless times throughout history. Scientists continue to contradict themselves and reverse their beliefs again and again. Remember when we were 'running out of trees' and the world would end? Remember the growing ozone hole and we were all going to die? Remember when the end of the world was predicted from rising seas and it didn't happen? Remember the Alaska oil spill that was to devastate everything permanently, but instead its totally replinished with abundant wildlife? Remember the advice of eating 3 times a day with a big breakfast and lots of grains and carbs to be 'healthy'? 'Experts' can't even agree on the current virus: they said masks don't work, then they do work, then they sort of work, then they say 198k deaths in the US, but the CDC quietly admitted only 7% of that number actually died from coronavirus as sole cause, but the media and loud people ignore it and keep shouting the bigger number. This is who you put your faith in?

    And you believe that your body that has more intelligence and features as a Tesla is just a random explosion from nothing which created something which reproduced with itself then magically made another gender, then magically things to eat 'evolved' at precisely the same time and air and laws of physics invented itself for no reason. Then your body magically had the ability to measure and equalize pH balance, heating/cooling, chemical compound processing, food digestion and utilization, and you have unique fingerprints, and a unique programming code language to describe each part of your body and it will magically heal itself anytime you get cut or injured. And you have hi-res video, audio, surround sound, prewired signals to/from your brain and all body parts. You have features you don't even realize that would be impossible to develop through natural selection, like anti-drowning features.

    All an accident. Yeah, right.
  • Fox News Coverage Praise Jesus on Deuteronomy 30:19
    Thousands of Christians gathered outdoors in Portland on Saturday to sing spiritual music amid the state's coronavirus social distancing measures-just hours before a riot was declared across town and a separate crowd lit fire to the city police union headquarters.

    Worshippers met in Waterfront Park on Saturday evening for an event dubbed "Riots to Revival." Controversial Christian musician Sean Feucht, who has hosted similar gatherings on California beaches amid COVID-19 restrictions, led the crowd in song and some were even baptized. Most people flouted social distancing and did not wear masks or facial coverings, KGW reported.

    "I'm excited to share with you some good news from Portland. Last night, we gathered thousands of people that came together," Feucht told "Fox & Friends Weekend" Sunday morning.


    "White, Black, Hispanic - we came and released our song of hope over this city. People gave their life to Jesus. Hundreds of people -- We baptized people in the river behind us. There was so much joy that took over the streets of that city last night."

    Feucht estimated between 4,000 and 7,000 people attended the massive outdoor church service that happened just blocks away from the federal courthouse and acted as a counter-protest to bring worship, prayer, and acts of kindness to Portland. Only 600 people responded to a Facebook event to say they would attend.
  • Frank Garcia - in Reply on Isaiah 9:8
    So many Christians are just lost for God's understanding sometimes there worried earthquakes, wars, corona 19 virus, famine, I can go on and on but the fact is Jesus warned us about such things my friend these are happening for a season they will past but they are signs of the latter days trust the Lord no matter what, God hasn't forgotten us he knows what is going on he will take care of his people the Bible tells us that .
  • Just chatting with us watchmen - in Reply on Isaiah 9:8
    I was searching things in the Blank Search Box one day. I don't know why, but I typed in 'China'. The search database knows these scriptures concern Chinese interests.

    They concern pandemics. There are 3. So I googled a list of all past pandemics with World death counts. It goes way back in history. Quite unsettling to read. CDC confirms it. Some pandemics were due to "swine flu". Corona virus evolves into more dangerous forms.

    You'll have to Google because I'm not sure if it was this year or 2019? President Trump put sanctions on China exporting pork that is infected with swine flu. They got caught trying to smuggle in a million pounds of infected pork in January.

    Corrupt business buys their cheap meat and sells it to Americans; then China pays high prices to the US to have non-infected meat imported there. I hope Trump stopped the entire process? Ignorance is bliss. I don't want to think about it. I hope Jesus will return soon.

    We take so many things for granted. That everything is safe that we put in our grand babies mouths. I've got everyone praying over food at my place. We've got to be wise and also be full of faith. Trust in God implicitly. Do the do's, and stop doing the don'ts.

    I just heard (no joking) the Holy Spirit singing "I walk The Line" by Johnny Cash.

    So I jet over to YouTube to have a singalong. There was a comment "is anyone else up at 2am listening to Johnny sing?" (during the co-vid crisis?). Many comments by Christians! It's so cool. John wrote that song to God!

    I can't wait to get to Heaven!!!

    Sinning is so hopeless when you compare it to eternity with all, and who is in heaven. Why would you want to miss out?

  • Daughter of Christ on Joshua 1
    "Be strong and of a good courage"- If you look throughout the bible, it always comes up!

    Like in Deuteronomy 31:6=Be strong and of good courage and in Daniel 10:19= And he said...be strong and of good courage." And you can find it in other places throughout the bible.

    so if it isnt already obvious !BE STRONG AND OF GOOD COURAGE (especially with the corona virus going around) Who needs hand sanitizer when I have Christ?
  • Nancy on Genesis 1:14
    Im feeling lonely and lost today and I dont know where this is coming from. I want to get Baptist, but I dont know where to go and find a church, the Virus has closes churches down ,but I see a Baptist around the corner from my house.

    I want to get Baptist and receive the Holly Spirt. I live in Yuba City California. Please help me and Pray for my Soul. I want to go to Heaven not Hell. I want our Lord to be proud of me and guide me Please Father in Heaven I know Your son Jesus died for our sins, he gave his life for ours. Please send your Angels to me and comfort my heart and the pain I feel. I want to get Baptist and receive the Holy Spirt Please give me this gift.

    In Jesus name AMEN
  • FOOD Problems on Revelation 17
    I heard last night that foreign countries OWN over 50 MILLION acres of American farmland. They can ship the food back to their own countries; not here.

    Their farmlands are contaminated with pandemic substances. Who really knows.

    They sell their home grown food to us. And ship US Grown food to their country. President Trump has sanctioned against the importing of Chinese meat into our country. What happens if the White House turns Blue in November??

    Our Country is being ruined by Big Business, Crooked Politicians and run by people with no souls. China exports food to all countries! I've been boycotting Walmart :/. Big help that is huh?

    I watched a PBS rescue show about how the Chinese are serving up Turtles in their fancy restaurants; with smuggled Pangolin meats: that can carry Corona Virus!! How sick is that? I wonder if our meat inspectors check that meat?

    There are stories on Google about how meat is being SMUGGLED into this country. It's been going on for years. I wish I didn't read those stories....it's bigger than what I've said.

    Maybe we should make Congress have them stamp all the products with country of origin?

    Everybody just really pray over your food. Ask the Lord to "bless and sanctify it; make it holy for us to consume; and our babies. Pets too. Amen.

    Jesus said except He Return and take us with Him, no life would be saved. We gotta trust Jesus with this. It makes me happy that we can put our Trust in God.

  • What Are Signs of The Times for NOW - in Reply on Revelation 6
    Matthew 16:3 Jesus speaking:

    And in the morning, It will be foul weather to day: for the sky is red and lowering. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can You Not Discern the signs of the times?

    Comment: Maybe we think we are too modern to understand farm talk? We can quote the stock market, report the sports page, grumble over politics, corona virus statistics today, wondering if our school kids will be infected?

    Without a healthy appetite for the Bible and it's Prophesy; we are CLUELESS about Signs of the Times we live in; NOW.

    Our compassion for humanity is consumed upon our own concerns. The anger builds as we wonder why God doesn't ride in on a pure white horse and fix everything that is broken?

    Does anyone remember what hourglasses look like? The sand barely moves in the beginning. In the 9th hour, still much sand nearer the bottom. At 11hrs30minutes the sand picks up speed! You watch the last grains fall through. Then someone reaches and turns it back over. Same process.

    Someday a knock on your door and the Grim Reaper stands there: time is UP

    Time is up. The signs in Matthew 24 appear in all kinds of newspapers: hurricanes, typhoons, floods, tornados, erupting volcanoes; a 5.6 earthquake in the New Madrid earthquake fault; merciless forest fires. And now, temperatures that surely will ruin this seasons crops and meat animals that have no food= means High Prices at the checkout.

    This is America and "no one starved here!"

    Really? Does anyone see the little house of cards we live in? Payday is coming, and his name is The Antichrist (means, against Christ)

    If you think your kid may be taken over by something (drugs, alcohol, pot, thefts, growling satanic music, guns, sexual confusion or immorality, porn, violent video games they play for days).

    What are they gonna do if Antichrist says your wireless will be restored after you take the Mark of the Beast?

    Signs of the times...

  • The War Continues for the Unborn on Revelation 6
    A U.N. Commission and extreme pro-abortion Member States are holding up vital Coronavirus aid funding needed to address an international pandemic-related food shortage because they are demanding abortion funding in the package.

    They're using children's lives as collateral, letting them starve to death IF the plan doesn't include funds to kill unborn babies.

    This is literally worshiping at the altar of abortion. It's truly diabolical.

    We didn't let the Pelosi-led House of Representatives slip abortion funding into its Coronavirus (COVID-19) funding bills, and we won't let the U.N. fund abortions either. We're talking about millions of dollars in U.N. funding (which U.S. taxpayers contribute to) for abortion under the guise of addressing the Coronavirus.

    We've sent letters to the U.N. Commission demanding it stop withholding Coronavirus food shortage aid simply because it doesn't contain funding for abortion. Now, in just days, we're submitting a new formal comment to the U.N.

    Google ACLJ to sign the petition.
  • That's why this "fake Virus" is killing so many.
  • Honoring the known will of God - in Reply on Revelation 1
    I've written on this before. It's in the 1-100 history pages somewhere. I only know what the Lord spoke to me. I don't know much about how Catholics worship. The issue came about because of public hatred towards Catholics. Jesus sent this through the Holy Spirit to teach us.

    When Archangel Gabriel told Mary what was going to happen. Luke 1:48 is a PROPHESY that has been continually performed throughout generations of Catholics mostly.

    Why is this done? Mary is Jesus's mother!

    Jesus wants his mother's name to be blessed.

    Can any of us remember in a Baptist, Charismatic, Assembly of God, Pentecostal, Methodist, Presbyterian, & 10,000 others EVER say what's written in Luke 1:42 ???!!

    No One Does! Every year we give Mary a place in our Christmas manger scenes in the front of our homes because the public tells the Churches that manger scenes at the Churches are illegal now.

    Look at the Christmas programs: people spending big loot to out decorate their neighbors!! Does anyone else hate this?

    This is Jesus's Mom! All cowards should be ashamed: my opinion. My opinion and $1.50 will get me a ride downtown on a bus.

    "All generations shall call me Blessed." Who in the Church world has fulfilled that prophesy? Just this approaching holiday season, may we truly celebrate Jesus and the whole family of God around the globe.

    Eat green popcorn balls and tell our testimonies of when we became Christians.

    Let the kids hear the story of Jesus's birth.

    If we do this I pray that God will turn back the virus, to whom released it on the world.

    I'm really praying that all of us will remember those who are grieving with loss.

    Help us to turn towards God again with our whole heart, kneel and ask for favor against this virus. The Body of Christ can do that.

    Last year I sat down for many days and read all the way from Joshua to Chronicles to find out a mystery. God showed me, that EVERY time the nations repented and turned back to God, he helped them.
  • Nathaniel on Micah 3
    may god put this virus out
  • Follow Jesus No Matter What - in Reply on 1 Corinthians 13:10
    Number 1: you are bringing a railing ACCUSATION against the Churches of Jesus Christ; the Body of Christ, of which Jesus is the Head; of the Holy Spirit who is the Spirit of Christ and the giver of the Gifts of the SPIRIT (which includes speaking in tongues and interpretation of tongues)

    See 1 Corinthians 12 and 13

    Judge not lest YOU be judged. I'm not judging you. God is.

    People need forgiveness because we make lots of mistakes. The Charismatic Movement has been Over for 30 years!!

    It's Jesus's Church, not yours. "Upon this Rock I will build MY CHURCH.

    Accusation accuses and we all know who is responsible for that: Satan. You need some deliverance from that. Ask & Receive.

    If you'll give all that angst to the Lord, he will lead you to a church He wants you to rest in, be renewed, restored to your First Love when you met Jesus. Don't go away because of something that happened decades ago. Be a part of what God is doing now.

    Draw a line in the sand and step over. We need people who truly care about the Bible. There are many people in here who are seeking answers from the Bible. Often when I pray, I ask God to keep his Hand on everybody who ever got saved in a Billy Graham Meeting. I keep looking for that to come around again. Praise God! Let the fire fall.

    Corona virus has made people remember the briefness of life. We've got a soul and it belongs to God. He says it's His. We have to receive His son Jesus to secure eternal Life and the in-dwelling Holy Spirit.

    Salvation is a gift from God the Father; but if we don't seize upon that Gift, our hearts harden.

    I did a study recently. It's in the 1-100 history pages in this website. The Bible scriptures actually mention 3 plagues that come upon the whole world From China. It may be due to population and the amount of people that are very poor. I don't know.

    Choose Life with Jesus now. Forget the past. Follow Jesus and be a disciple.
    Corona Virus must bow it's knee to the Name of Jesus. Build your faith on Gods Word. Know your authority. That is your sword: Ephesians 6

    Acts 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is NONE OTHER NAME under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

    Philippians 2:9-11 Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name:

    John 14:13 And whatsoever ye shall ask in MY NAME, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.

    John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

    Luke 10:17 And the seventy returned again with joy, saying, Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through thy NAME.

    Acts 4:30 By stretching forth thine hand to heal; and that signs and wonders may be done by the NAME of thy holy child Jesus.

    Romans 10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the NAME of the Lord shall be saved.

    Matthew 1:21 And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.

    1 Corinthians 6:11 And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the NAME of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.

    Acts 2:38 Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the NAME of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

    Mark 16:17 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In MY NAME shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;

    Jeremiah 10:6 Forasmuch as there is none like unto thee, O LORD; thou art great, and thy NAME is great in might.

    Now go soak up some teaching on"Authority of the believer, by Charles Capps on Youtube

    Feed your faith.

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