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  • Christian powell on Jonah 1
    The story of Jonah is clearly demonstrate Gods love to humanity, hi desire to save us and are not willing that we perish by his judgement. with this being the case, a question of thought comes to mind. what is the difference between Nineveh and Sodom and Gomorrah. How dose one explain Gods mercy for one but destruction for the other, his will to save one and destroy the other.
  • YoRick - in Reply on Jonah 1
    God said that he would turn a blind eye if Lot could find as few as 10 righteous people. At the day of wrath God said get your family and go: sons at least 2 daughters at least 2 that we knew were virgins wife, yourself, sons in law at least 2 also implies at least 2 NON-VIRGIN daugthers . Lets add that up: Including himself--2 2 1 1 2 2 10. Even THEN Lot only got 3 to leave with him.
  • Jen Howard - in Reply on Jonah 1
    The difference was repentance. God saved the people of Nineveh from the consequences of their own choices because they heard His word through the prophet and believed. They and their leader desired the mercy and grace of God more than they desired to continue in their carnal ways. They allowed the word and will of God to refine them, instead of rebelling against it.

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