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  • Rod on Genesis 3
    I can't wrap my mind what happened with Eve and Adam eating from a forbidden tree. There are those that said Satan took Eve's virginity but how could that be with Adam standing there?? He did know that Eve was his wife and he did know that a man leave his father and mother, join his wife and they become one.

    So, it's hard to believe Adam just stood there and watch Eve get taken advantage of in that situation.

    If Satan did take Eve's virginity, that tree of knowledge of good and evil bear some sort of fruit that was intoxicating. I think when Eve ate and gave to her husband, they both passed out from eating the fruit and Eve was thus taken advantage of and probably didn't know, nor did Adam.

    And when they awoken, they obviously knew something wasn't right since they knew they didn't just "go to sleep." It's the same if a woman wakes up from a date-raping drug. She will definitely know something happened to her, likewise Adam and Eve.

    And when they woke up, "guilt" probably was the first thing they felt and the fact they had to cover themselves, is a dead give-away and a guilty conscious that confirmed something sexual happened.

    Even still, it doesn't explain why Adam felt the need to cover himself. I can see Eve wanting to cover herself after it happened to her but Adam had no reason for doing so. So, just what really happened there?

    God cursed the ground for Adam's stake. That's a "partial" punishment as if he wasn't all the way at fault. The ground was cursed instead of him. And the fact he had to start eating herbs when he was eating "fruits that yield seeds" and "herb that bears seed" is quite indicative here.

    Only the wild beast or non-humans were eating herbs as raw off the ground. So, if God to punishment Adam by making him eat herb raw from the ground, could be indicative that a beast actually molested Eve? Ape?


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