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  • Susan Dalton on Proverbs 31
    "Lest they drink, and forget the law..." (Proverbs 31:5)

    The word forget means to mislay. I live near a state highway and our mailboxes are alongside the road. When I go to get our mail, I look down the highway to see what traffic is coming. Sometimes tractor trailers can be coming side by side down the highway. When I see this I do not go up to the mailboxes, instead, I wait until the trucks have passed; the mailboxes have been replaced at least twice due to someone plowing through them.

    The other day I was walking up to the mailboxes. I was - just walking up to get the mail. I was not at the highway yet, but I heard a transfer truck. The noise perked up my ears which inturn perked up my mind: wake up, be alert, you are close to the road.

    We can forget and mislay the law. It's not that the law of safety was not in my mind before I heard the truck, but, at that time it was not on the front of my mind. I know I would have had safety on the front of my mind before I got to the mailboxes even if I had not heard the truck, but it was a reminder that the law can be mislayed. (not on the front of the mind) Many times we may not want the burden of carrying the law on the front of our minds, but it is a reponsiblity that we cannot mislay, especially, if safety of lives depends upon us keeping that law. If we mislay the law, in this case safety, we may find ourselves guilty of negligence. In the case of man's law, if the law is mislayed while driving, we would find ourselves guilty of reckless driving; or vehicular manslaughter, or other forms of manslaughter if someone was killed while the law was mislayed.

    If someone is intoxicated with drink, they forget the law. A drunk driver most likely has the law of not drinking and driving in their mind, but at the time of an accident because they are drunken they are not keeping that law. They actually mislayed that law when they made the decision to drink, and then to drink and drive.

    Sometimes mislaying the law may not be so obvious; its more like falling asleep at the wheel. In whatever case, the mind has departed from that which it should be keeping.

    When we forget the law something has taken its place. Accidents can be the result of the law which is in our mind being mislayed.

    Spiritually speaking, Jesus admonishes us to be sober and alert. It is not enough for us to know the Word of God, we must be keeping the Word of God.

    We are exhorted to gird up the loins of our minds; to have the mind of Christ.

    If we mislay the law, referring now to the Word of God, we may find ourselves guilty of drinking and driving with deadly consequences. The mislaying of God's Word results in sin which ends in death.

    Why do mother's tell their children the law over and over again? Are they not trying to engrave the law into their minds? Are they not seeking to keep the law on the forefront of their childrens' minds? Yet each child must grow up and keep the wisdom themselves.

    Everyday should be Mother's Day in respect to do not despise thy mother; or,in other words, do not despise the law of thy mother for it is your life.

    Lest we forget, remember: honor thy mother...that it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth.


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