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  • Bdazzle on Matthew 7:13
    Very enlightening scripture! I see it so many times at work and in life, where you have people trying to take the short cut to their career. They avoid the hard way.

    They want things to come easy. They refuse to go to college so they get a job. Some get a job and skip very important steps in an effort to get done faster. They don't want to wait on their wives for sex, rather than, they have adulterous affairs. This way has been done so much that it seem like the only way to go. But, I challange everyone who read this to avoid the wide road to destruction.

    It is wide indeed because so many people is on it. Not many are on the narrow road. That is why it is narrow. Just like the a smaller class compared to the larger class, you get more individual attention which leads to a better education.


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