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  • Kunle on Proverbs 10
    God is either to be believed or not. It is either God is telling d truth or not because verse 6 tells us that God's blessing is upon d head of the Just. And verse 22 tells us that Gods blessings makes rich, so something is wrong with poor christians. And the eailier they accept they are unjust, the sooner they can begin to make amend to their ways and life and begin to experience God's riches that follows God's blessings.

    When God says His blessings is upon d head of the just, and his blessing makes rich. God meant it. And as such poor christians are unjust because God is no respecter on man, whether a pastor, prophet, church member or mere attender.

    When u are just you will recieve God's directions and secrets to make you rich. Arguing with God's assessement of you is an indication of unjustness in your life and heart in d first place. Do you know your person more than God? Or are you more knowledgeable than God?

    The earlier we begin to accept 6od's assessment of us and start amending our ways the faster we will experience God's promised riches that His blessings gives.

    I pray God increase to us His grace to be submissive and responsive to his words, assessments and instructions. Amen.

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