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  • Samuel N Kamau on Joshua 7
    I have learnt very importnat lessons in Joshua chapter 7. First of all, our God is very compassionate and gracious and is not quick to punish sin. rather He always want mankind to come to repentance. that is why the sin of Achan was not immediately punished, otherwise the Israelite s would have been defeated at Jericho where the sin was committed. another lesson is that unconfessed sin always harden our heart. this is evidenced by the fact that, even when Joshua clearly told the Israelites the God given method to identify the one who had sin i.e. tribe by tribe, clan by clan all the way to the individual family, Achan was still not ready to repent at this point in time and instead allowed the rigorous time consuming process to take cause which actually exposed him as the sinner. i have also learnt that sin always have dire consequences forgiveness not withstanding. Achan at last confessed his sin gave glory to God Joshua7 19-21 . This was a divine proof that God does not err. I have however this one question would i be right to conclude that even though Achan and his family were stoned to death as a consequence of their sin Achan sin, they were at the same time forgiven based on Achan confession Joshua 7 19-21

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