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  • Ken Avery on Ezekiel 13
    I am so glad that I am not the only one who sees the rapture as only a theory. And the comments on this page cause me to view most television preachers with big bank accounts in a truthful light. What if these televangelists were to tell their followers the truth? Answer: these televangelists with jets, Rolls Royce and multi-thousand acre ranches would have to get a job to get money. I am not a judge nor am I talking about ALL televangelists. Some are truthful about the rapture. I know that my church teaches the rapture and I get uneasy at the ease and comfort my friends at this church soak up every word of the fly-away doctrine. I would believe this lie IF it were not for Ezekiel 13. Thank God for this passage. And secondly, why would the Apostle Paul teach about us putting on the whole armor of God to fend off the fiery darts of the devil? Thanks to all of you for standing for and posting The Truth about the rapture.

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