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  • Ebson E. bautista on Jeremiah 3:3 - 14 years ago
    hello, can i ask something this is a christian website right? this is my qestion if u merry a girl or a man in many years and have sex and u fall in love to another guy or girl and have sex again does it commit adultery? please reply
  • Jeffrey P Barrett - In Reply on Jeremiah 3 - 4 years ago
    Yes it is adulatory to have sex with some one after you are married and Jesus said further if you even look with lust on another it is adulatory or fornication. Jesus came to transform us into his and God's mind and heart of Divine Nature. God through St. Paul says to Christians and God helping me fight the flesh lusts :" There is no flesh in heaven but spirit only and in heaven their is no male or female but wholeness restored in the spirit like Jesus and God so better to speak with God in prayer and tell him your sin and ask hi to forgive you and make your heart pure again, now. Being Perfect is God's hands on goal so these sins must be completely overcome in your flesh with God's presence

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