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  • Garyloyd on Jeremiah 4
    Catharine this says in verse 22 my people, that's all. That and in the Hebrew it says at this flood God took the Earth and submerged it in the water and washed it top to bottom, turned it like a bowl. Here the waters where gone! As with in Noahs flood the waters receeded as a normal flood would do. Noahs flood with Boat and two of every flesh and a bird and trees were about. I'm pretty sure that Noahs flood was targeted to get rid of a bunch of bad angels trying to disrupt Gods plans. The 6th of Genesis speaks of these angels who left their first estate. Fallen sons of God and it will be like this in the end times with the locust coming. If you go and google search the companion Bible appendixes you can scroll down to appendix #146 and see of the different worlds or ages we will live in.(ge) beatiful green and the katabole or attempted overthrow by satan wanting and trying to steal Gods throne. This age ended with this flood, God got mad because we were stupit.

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