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  • V. V. on John 15:13
    Christ came into this world to serve a purpose... deity in service to die. The crusifiction was the only natural death that fullfiled the spiritual death of the soul. To die is to gain... dying out in the flesh means to be rid of our lusts and desire to sin no more. If your eye sins... cut it out... is a parable not a comand. Committing suicide is a sin. Giving your soul to free a brother or sister in Christ from sin to save that person from eternal hell is what Christ wants. Let the supernatural type the natural and watch what God can do... What a mighty God we serve. If a friend was sinning and for me to save that person would cause me to sin would I not want to save that person's soul? Though God knows my heart and because I trust in my God... all is well. Even if my flesh body gets in the way. I am not ashamed to serve my God.


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