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  • Eaglesrock on Ezekiel 37
    Let me give you some revelation: There are 10,396 verses of prophecy in the Bible, everyone of them depends on Israel being a nation and Jerusalem being the capital, and the Jews being back in their land. There are 613 laws in which you know only ten. 262 of them depend on Israel rebuilding the temple. But that s the law. 27 of the Bible is bible prophesy. Every time the first coming is mention the second coming is mentioned 7 times. If you can take Israel and wipe them out, if you can take Jerusalem and divide it like President Obama wants to do, if you can take the Jewish people and push them into the Red Sea, then you have made God a liar and the Word of God a lie. Why do you think Israel is under attack by so many nations of the world? She has no Gold, she has no silver, she has no brass, she has no Iron, she has no oil, she is not on a major trade route or a sea route. She has no natural resource. Yet she is the most covenant piece of property of the world. You see the enemy wants Jerusalem, because if he can take Jerusalem the Bible is a lie, but I got news for him, let God be true and every man a liar


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