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  • Hector Rodriguez on Matthew 5:16
    Mathew 5:16 -- 1 . ITS A NATURE THING: We need to understand that God is Light 1John 1:5 so if we say that we have comunion with Him we also need to be light. it's a natural thing to be the same as, or to have the same character as. 1Peter 1:16 our father is holy so we need to be holy, our father is light so we need to be light. 2 . THE LIGHT IS ALSO FOR THE UNBELIEVERS: "let your light shine before man, so that they may see your good works". This goes on to be self explanatory, people will only want to follow you, or even want to be like you when they see in you the light, that your different than they are and that the difference come precisely from being light, and them from being slaves broken down into darkness. normally when some one is in darkness what they most want and need is light, so we know that the world lives in darkness with out Christ and so the need to be that light that the world needs.


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