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  • David on Revelation 9
    Abaddon is not the Anti-Christ but the king that rules over the Anti-Christ, in other words the Devil is released at this time to begin instructing the Ant-Christ. The Anti-Christ starts his three and a half year long rule over the Earth, at the same time the two witnesses spend three and a half years reaching out to the People of Israel. This time period is the second half of the 70th week of Daniel. As this period starts the Church Gentile dispensation age has finished. The church people are still on Earth and God still wants them to behave the same and still wants Gentiles to be saved but the beginning of this age is because God has changed his witnessing back towards the Hebrew nation. Concerning the mark of the beast beast - a living creature that has no living soul - not of the lineage of Adam , neither a tattoo of a computer chip for financial purposes will stop an individual from choosing Salvation, stop them from making a free will choice. Remember in a few more verses, God even places a mark on His People. Do you think God is going to Tattoo or chip His People? This is a spiritual mark. If it were anything physical, I would tend towards something along the lines of a "joining of the mind" which would remove all chance of a free will move towards God.


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