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  • Gary Mattis on Genesis 3
    Vs. 3:22 says Man has become like one of US to know good and evil . again just like in chapter 1 God is showing himself as a Unity using the US in a plural form ! Father and Messiah both are there during the Creation. Pray like this Jesus said Father Son and Holy Spirit , body , soul mind We have in one being and we are made in Gods image and likeness ! . Trinity or Unity God ? Seems like a Unity of flesh and spirit or at this point in time spirit and spirit of the one and same God is more like it to me with God saying US twice already here at the beginning of Genesis ! In Chapter 1 Gods Spirit was upon the face of the deep , to me Gods Spirit is God himself being present where ever it is at - even if it was being manifested everywhere it is still one and the same God or a Unity in His Very essence! .


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