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  • Mike on 1 Samuel 15
    There is a clear and important messag here in 1 Samuel 15. God sent Saul to kill every living thing! Saul intended to do everything God had sent him to do.. but Saul allowed his own thoughts and self guidance to enter in. He out of the goodness of his heart, Thinking it would be pleasing to God decided to keep the best of sacrafices, and to spare the life of the King, long enough to take the King, and these animals to sacrafice unto God, again thinking this was going the extra mile, and thus adding his own ways ... what's the message? God does not want what he doesn't ask for!! When we start adding to the word of God because we think it will enhance God's word, we are treading on dangerous ground. If it's not in the Bible new testament law we live under then don't do it! Even if you think it's a good thing in your opinion! There is nothing in New Testament about Sunday Schools, or Live entertainment with big bands, or a host of other things going on in churches today... be careful ..even the best intentions, can bring on the wrath of God.. Just something for Bible believers to think about, brought and offered in the spirit of Love and Compassion toward the Believer.


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