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  • Glory to God on Ephesians 2:6
    Does anyone have ANY tiny glimmer of an idea of what this is actually saying to the saved? It's astonishing light. Not only are we going to Heaven? what does it say. There is no greater power than that which allowed and CAUSED this to happen. God Himself!! This is no joke or verse to be undermining in darkness. Pure light of life. FACT. None more serious?! He did this! GOD. If you are born again? Rejoice forevermore. 1.LOOK where you ARE seated! 2.Please note WHOM "hath" put you there.--not you and it tells. 4.HATH!--not debatable, over and done, no maybes. 6.Raised together? - Learn what that means for maximum Light. 7.Who is "us"? 8.Do not people see total nth degree past tense all over this verse? Happened. 100 unrebukable fact unless you do not believe? LOOK WHAT GOD HATH done for His saved Sons and Daughters and believe it. THANK HIM. You did none of this because it surely tells whom did. You asked mercy at best? THANK whom "HATH" made this fact. Sword of Truth. Glory to God forevermore. Amen


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