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  • Word on 2 Peter 3
    Faith Edet God was first speaking of the world that was, actually it was an earth age before this one we live now in the flesh. Earth was created beautiful Isaiah 45 vs 18 and then it got destroyed in Jeremiah 4 vs 22-27 God with His wisdom created earth written in Proverbs 8 vs 23 to 31 and then Satan wanted to be a god Ezekiel 28 and in Revelation 12 Satan stole a third of Gods stars, Gods children, and did cast them to earth Matt. 13 vs 36-44. To put this all together we lived on earth where Satan stole one third of the children in a political move to overthrow God but God got mad and shut off the lights then He turned on the lights He separated the children of darkness from the children of light. In Genesis 1 vs 2 the word was is 1961 in the Strong 's hayah and it translates became without form and void. Anyway 1000 years is just 1 day and how long is the day of the Lord going to be? 1000 years. Just thoughts that might help you.


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