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  • David on Genesis 1
    God said let there be light. Does that mean light already existed and He meant let it be? Did He mean light be created? To begin? When God was with Moses in the desert, His presence was that of a cloud of light fire at night and appeared as a cloud during the day. God said the light is good. I was looking at the sun one day and there were white clouds with in the sky with it. As I looked suddenly instead of continuing to move in one direction, they started to move in opposite direction away from the sun, with the sun in between. As the white clouds moved away, then came out of the sun yellow clouds. Moving in opposite direction horizontally out of the sun. When I saw this, I suddenly felt power enter into me. Though a man suffer all his life, a man is but a blink of Gods eyes. My knowledge is not complete. I am learning continually. I wish I had all the answers and power to bring peace to the earth. But I know God knows all of what is going on in life. To me He always will be beyond my comprehension. This is what I think about. And it 's fun for me to just ponder and ponder. Well, I need to rest. Therefore I leave you. Please email me, with Love David.


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