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  • Amour B on Genesis 8
    Verse 22 means that there was a time when there was no seedtime and harvest, no seasons, its either cold or hot, and it 's either night or day in certain places- this was all because the ground was cursed verse 21 after the fall of Adam. Now, how could this happen in Earth? How could it be possible that there was no seasons, no day AND night, no season to plant harvest? I think its only possible, scientifically speaking, if the Earth was not tilted. Read articles and studies about if the Earth was not tilted and you 'll see that it gives a perfect description of how verse 22 can be possible. Now, on verse 8:1-2, it says that God made a wind pass the Earth then the water subsided. Now we must understand that there must be a way how God was able to do that for real. I can only come up with this explanation: how do we usually pour out water into a cup? By tilting the container. I believe that 's when God tilted the Earth. Now that the Earth was tilted, we experience day and night in one day, different seasons, and different weather. Praise God for His mercies to lift the curse He put on the ground. Otherwise, we would be living in terrible conditions all the day of our lives.


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