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  • Dawn Dodgen on Revelation 1
    I am so excited that I am of the generation of the fig tree. I build layers and layers of the Gospel Armor every day. This is a very exciting time. I am ready. My LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST will protect me as HE has promised. Please, please all need to know that Satan comes first 6th trump, 6th seal, 6th vial 666 he wants all to think that he 's the true Christ - he isn 't!! Satan will only be here 5 months season of the locust but we will have the 2 witnesses here to assist us as needed. See GOD does take care of us, those of us that truly know HIM, HE knows our hearts, our minds our works in these places we do have "A Mark " though it is the Mark of God - not of the dragon. A person can be tattooed w 666 all over our bodies but the LORD knows us for He is the CARDIOKNOWER. Satan 's message to all that will listen to him is this: I am Christ, see as I perform miracles in front of you. I am going to fly rapture you out of here. WILL YOU BELIEVE HIM OR DO YOU HAVE YOUR GOSPEL ARMOR ON SO YOU WILL NOT BE DECEIVED? The clock is running down quick. Talk to OUR LORD HE 'S waiting to hear from you. He loves you He wants you His Child to live with Him in Heavenly Paradise for all eternity. Ask Him, He will show you how to do it always.


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