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  • Mike on Psalms 106
    M-While ones clothes really are a minor issue from one angle on another how one dresses does in a lot of cases mirror ones spiritual depth. Granted whether or not one wears a suit or tie or perfectly does their hair is of very small importance and if that is somthing that consumes on then perhaps a look at why should be in place. On the other hand if one continually dresses in a manner which does not conform to what God has commanded For Modesty it is a clear indication that this person is spiritually imature. If somone is a born again believer and years later still continues to dress in a manner contrary to the laws of God, violating the standards of modesty God has laid up, then a clear sign is given that they are strugling to grow in Christ properly. That to say if ones heart it truly right with God then their dress and clothing standard will comply with what God has laid out clearly in his word. A truly Christlike individual will be striving to comply with the standards set forth in Gods word.

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