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  • Mike D on Psalms 119:61
    There is no doubt that David had been robbed of his earthly possessions along with his good reputation throughout his life. King Saul at one time and his own son Absalom on another. There were other enemies David faced on other occasions, however the things that David possessed did not possess him. The reason for that can only accredited to his faith in God because of his love for the Law of God. It is sometimes said, there are no uhauls following the hearse, or better translated, you can 't take it with you. Unlike our earthly treasures, God 's word is eternal. David writes in Psalms 119:89, For ever, o LORD, thy word is settled in heaven. You never see David complaining for the loss of material possessions even when he was displaced from his kingdom by his son, for David trusted in the Living God and God 's promises.


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