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  • Sylvia on 1 Samuel 16:16
    Gods Mighty and Majestic power through His son and by the Power of The Holy Spirit is still on the stage of life today. He is Soverign over all. He knows who is in place for the End Times of today and I believe that it will be this generation, my generation I 'm 71 that will experience much of the destruction of the world as we know it. Already the U.S. has spit in Gods face by taking down the cross, the Ten Commandments, and not allowing people to talk about Jesus The Messiah in schools and in open forums, abortions and same sex marriage. There will be a falling away of the "Christian " to believe in the anichrist. This is sad but true to the Bible. I believe hard rock music has set the tone for much of this mayhem. If the beautiful harp music of David could sooth King Sauls state of mind, and ours, then hard cord loud "music " can create a mind open to receive the upheaval world to come.


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