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  • StephendeRafael on Galatians 2
    In this chapter I believe is the splitting off of the church from the Jewish religion. All of the Apostles were Jewish for Jesus was of that religion. Paul through revelation formulated these new ideas, that there was no salvation possible except through Faith or belief in the resurrection as a realized condition in which we become present with the Lord, on earth by gravity but spiritually in heaven with the Father. Before the resurrection their was only the righteousness of arc of the convenant. But the Jews were stiffnecked and always erred in their heart. So God in his mercy sent his Son, or himself in human form, as a living proof that God is alive in humans and to serve God is the way to please God. To please God is to receive his mercy. To be in that state with certainty is God realization , heaven, peace, fulness, bliss, happiness, and Rest.

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