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  • Ramochela on Philippians 4:6
    Our requests should be in line with the will of God.His timing is perfect.In the book of Daniel,God gave an answer to a prayer after three minutes and on another occasion after twenty one days Daniel 13 .His answer could be yes,no,or wait.One pastor told of a lady who was devastated when her relationship fell apart.She felt like it was the end of the world.However,three years later she met the pastor and told him that she was happily married and that her previous boyfriend had already been jailed twice and was abusive to his wife.She indeed thanked God for not agreeing to her previous request.God is already in your future ,trust Him because He wants the best for you.Sometimes we have to thank God for closed doors. Whatever we get from God should be used for His glory.Is it riches? use them to help the poor so that they can give glory to God.After all we are only stewards of God 's riches.We must therefore strive to imitate Christ by having His heart and mind.He died on the cross for all who accept Him as Lord and Saviour. That 's love personified.


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