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  • Elizabeth Kirkley Best on Psalms 76
    One of my favorite verses in learning God 's ways is: 0 Surely the wrath of man shall praise thee: the remainder of wrath shalt thou restrain. It takes knowledge of this verse to understand the diverse happenings at the time of the crucifixion: the Jews were anointed and appointed priests of Israel, a 'nation of priests ' and yet they cry out for Messiah to be crucified. God takes the wrath of man, and turns it into a sacrificial offering ordained from the beginning. The Jews cry, "His blood be on us and on our children " and God turns it to 2000 years of preservation behind the blood covered lintels of a door at passover: they suffered and died but did not disappear as a people. They obtain salvation salvation is of the Jews but in a suspended state having declared the acceptance of the blood of the lamb on them and their children in wrath, because of unbelief, and are held in slumber or what Tyndale called 'disquietness ' until the fullness of all things when their faith becomes whole. We likewise sin still yet in grace he turns it to our good: the wrath of man praises God. Wrath praises God as the devil overplays his hand, and the antithesis to the things of God, becomes the declaration of his plan and his way, his love for mankind. It is an essential 'way of God ', triumphing over the limited wisdom of man.

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