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  • RNM 2-9 ROM on Romans 2
    ROM 2-9...J.G 's, just want to make a correction in something you said in a comment posted 2 4 15, going off Acts said they had communion with unleavened bread, if you put the word bread into the Greek Lexicon it will always come up azumos or unleavened bread, but that 's not the case in this particular scripture it says they come together to "break bread " now if you look this up using the same Greek Lexicon you see klao 2806 something entirely different, they basically just came together to EAT dinner and listen to Paul preach, NOTHING signifying a holiness about the day, a day of rest, a memorial, a Sabbath, the fact is you are a follower of pagan rome, following after the commandments of man, and not the Commandments of GOD, you think you are saved and are filled with the Holy Spirit but you are wrong again, GOD 's Spirit will not dwell in a vessel of disobedience, by rejecting GOD 's 7th day Sabbath you are rejecting GOD Himself, just like the Israelites did in the wilderness, and they perished in their unbelief. AMEN!!

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