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  • MockingBird on Matthew 7:6
    Jesus revered to the lost world : those that are without Christ : Not born again : as dogs. Yuk !!! I believe that God is saying here that what you and God have shared personally is not to be given out to the lost of the world. Even what God has required of you to do and give to Him. It is none of there business. We are only to tell the dogs : lost of the world what God has provided for them through Jesus Christ : That is that they do not have to go to hell and they can be saved through Jesus Christ . They only need to know they have a loving God that will save them and upon receiving Him that God will love them through all they face down the road. When I first got saved , this confused me to. But I think I have a better understanding now. Still have a lot to see in these words : I will never stop learning.


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