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  • Tracy schmidt on Ephesians 1:23
    Have faith in Christ now and know at this point u are who u are created to be now. The spiritual gifts of the heavens dwell in you because God can't lie. Nothing this world has to offer can compare to what God has for u in this temporary realm or the eternal. For Christ Jesus is all in all and your purpose in Him brings u the power to overcome and the joy and satisfaction of being one with your Creator, while fulfilling the will you was created for. Having the peace of knowing if the rapture comes or your heart stops beating, you are going home to heaven . Ephesians from a God that can not lie garanteing who we are in the Father through Christ Jesus. Victory is ours, no matter what. Jesus died to make it so and lives again to see it carried out. If you dont believe me read Ephesians one. We are living in a day, u better start believing and applying Gods Word because forever is a long time and your going somewhere! God is His Word.


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