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  • RNM JER 4-------2 on Jeremiah 4
    Going off these old comments, I think we just need to interject some sense, first off, ver.9 it says: And it shall come to pass AT THAT DAY. is usually speaking of the Coming of the Son of God in his Glory and the Glory of the Father and His Angels. There are other references in the bible to this, being a catastrophic worldwide event, all flesh being destroyed like in the flood, except for the children of God that make up the Bride of Christ. The chosen of God. and what I 'm going to say next will offend some who read this but, The Obedient Ones, that 's what makes them different. It is those who believe and live by all ten commandments, including the fourth which is the the 7th day Sabbath, it is the same commandment that the Israelites, perished in the wilderness because of there unbelief. I John 14:15-If you love me, Keep my Commandments. And that 's what He means. AMEN!!

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