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  • Griselda Bittinger on Genesis 3:14
    so in Genesis 3 14 when the Lord tells the serpent ... because you have done this , you are cursed more than all cattle and more than every beast of the field. on your belly you shall go... let us think on these things, the serpent was once a beautiful angel cast out of heaven by God right? So when he decived Eve and made her eat of the fruit he was evil in doing so, as we are in doing evil towards the Lord our God, So would you not think He meaning God would not punish the Serpent like the snake he was and is today. I do! I believe that he is a lying ,slimy snake decieving who he can on this earth today as he did way back then to Eve. God bless you all and keep your eyes upward towards our reward is in Heavenly places and in JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD.


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