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  • OKAFOR AUSTIN on Lamentations 5
    One explanation i can give to this chapter is as follow: It talks about root powers or foundational problems. Most Christians are confronted with the foundational problems. The sins of their forefathers. Let me share this sad occurrence. In the area where i stayed in Nigeria, a family lived without a child for 15years. At the 15th year, they gave birth to a child. The child was celebrated. a big party was organized; and money and gifts was given to the family and child After the party armed robbers visited at night. They requested that the money be given; but the couples hesitated and the killed the new born baby.Out of frustration the mother of the child un-masked the robber only to discover it was his landlord. In this case that landlord has brought a curse upon his generation un-born. This is a foundation problem for children un-born;They may grow up to have no children even if they are Christians except they rise up to pray like the realities by confessing sins of their fathers and breaking the yoke

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