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  • Corliss Cooper on Matthew 7:5
    A beam was used to hold up a ship. The wider the beam the more stable it was. I am inclined to believe that pride is a beam because it can have you lifted so high up where you think that your better than everyone else. It 's deceitful because when its in the eye of your understanding it can and will blind you from seeing the truth. "It 's the water of the Holy Spirit holding you up and not the beam. " Remember when Jesus was in the boat and the storm was raging. The disciples were scared but because they had Jesus he spoke to the wind and said peace be still and it became still! A beam wont protect you in a storm of Satanic doubt and unbelief but the Word of God will. You will find God 's word when you rest in the spirit of God continually. His spirit will keep you from pride because pride forms judgment and pride comes before a great fall! SHIPWRECK FAITH

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