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  • Rocky on 1 Timothy 3:2
    This scripture desires a close study and not just a glance to say that it 's final interpertation disqulifies men who have been divorced or married to a woman that had been previously divorced. It is clear that Paul is looking at the current status of the man and not the past in which the blood of Jesus has washed away...A pastor should be a one woman man, married to one woman at once and not looking with an adulterous eye for another. All the qualifying points relate to a man that has been saved and has shown himself as faithful to all things concerning Godly service over a period of time that validates his call to service and faithfulness to perform that service without being overtaken by the enemy...Too many people have taken this to a dogmatic level and while there may be pastors and deacons in our assemblies that have only been married once, they are missing one, some or all of the other qualifiers...So many churches have disqualified leaders based on the marriage issue but have overlooked the other qualifiers on this list. Stop and ask if God could take a murderer, rapist,thief or any other sin sick manner of man and save him, clean him up and call him to lead his people .... The Apostle Paul says Absolutley ! When you put sin in perspective vs. ranking it 's obvious that God can do what man can 't do ... Forgive and Forget !!!


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