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  • Pixir on Psalms 43
    It means even if satan has crept into the heart of man to do me God will go with my thru the fiery furnace...even if my cross seems to heavy to bear and I call on him...he is there to help me carry my cross and fight my battles for me.
  • Rose - in Reply on Psalms 43
    I agree with Pixir. Eventhough people are wicked and some do abominable things to their fellow humans, I am saying we should find a place in our hearts to forgive them (and I am speaking to myself as well). Because believe it or not, the enemy is responsible for their acts. They do not know what they are doing until the act has been completed and then they regret ever doing it.

    The enemy do not want to go to shoal alone. He wants to drag as many of God's children along with him. So please instead of you to pray that God punish whoever has done any wrong to you, pray that the enemy's punishment should be increased by the number of those he is deceiving and dragging with him. I think we should also pray that God give us the ability to recognize the enemy's tricks and pray that we be not deceived.


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