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  • KP on Romans 2
    One of the greatest lies from the mind of Satan is "election" according to Calvin. Don't be deceived. The Apostle Paul never taught "election" apart from the free will of man.

    The suffering endured by Jesus Christ, while on the cross, was sufficient to satisfy God the Father's demand for justice regarding the penaly of all human sin, unlimited atonement.

    Salvation is not a lifelong process. We have it in a moment. Upon faith in the work of Jesus Christ, we pass from death unto life. Spiritual life. Works are a manifestation of redemption, not a cause.

    Likewise, faith is the cause of "receiving the atonement", not a manifestation. The singular command to believe, is a nonmeritorius command. To believe is not a work. Faith is not a work. Salvation, not faith, is the gift from God.

    So, once we change our thinking(repentance) whereby we are pointed to Jesus Christ, the end of the law, and believe, we are condemned no more. Such grace is available to all, not just the "elect" according Calvin.

    Beware of false teachers who cover their lies with academic jargon which is sweet to the ears but deadly. Calvinism is good at this. Full of impressive sounding jargon, but a bed of lies.

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