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  • Insight 777 on Judges 18:18
    I think the ephod is a laptop computer carried in a linen pocket and the teraphim is the internet. The stones of the ephod are the lighted keyboard. It is hinged, it is girdled when it sits in a mans lap and it is a breastplate because it sits in front of the mans chest when open. The threads of color and gold is the technology that creates the hard drive. GOD KNOWS THE ENDING FROM THE BEGINNING. Angels have superior technology than ancient man. Do you think that angels have technology inferior to what you are using right now? Artists have incorrectly portrayed angels as men with white bird like wings and an ephod as a type of apron that priests wear. These are in error. These false images mislead people even today. Angels do not have bird wings and an ephod is a laptop computer. The HISTORY OF ISRAEL HAS HAS BEEN CREATED TO SHOW MAN WHAT HAPPENS IN THE END OF DAYS. God wants mankind to realize the Bible is truth and more truth is revealed towards the end of days because men in the past could not understand the technology of today.
  • Lorraine Magarian - in Reply on Judges 18
    Hmm. Interesting thoughts. The angels obviously are way smarter than we are. It is believed that the fallen angels taught mankind the technology it took to build the pyramids and other giant edifices.

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