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  • Daughter of Pastor Shaw on 2 Samuel 11
    First , I am so blessed to have found this website and have a chance to read the word and engage in conversation on interpertation of it. Second, The message at church on sunday was inrefernce to when we say sorry and forgive me... if we mean it from the heart or just speaking. Hence wha it appears David did whe he asked God forgiveness and to spare his sons life and take his. Also God can forgive and does when we are truelly asking and mean it. My thoughts are as follows for Joab.. he was not in the wrong he did as the King told him, this was David 's sin. Also, nothing about David 's lust for Bathsheba says Love... hence, lust. He did have an ideal mind, and should of been in battle and his lust drove him to sin. His sin caused death to several undeserving fellows and heartache to families, we can assume. However.. there vould be more stories inside that we are not aware of. Each man who passed may have sinned like David and ended up in that place.. we do not know.. Question, was Uriah staying in Davods house and not going home because they war or becuase he knew what David did and he was plotting.. battling right from wrong thoughts toward his wife and or David?

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