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  • Bill on Luke 12:45
    The reader is reminded of two important facts. First, parables are intended to be metaphorical in nature. Some Christians react rather violently to the prospect of a child of God being cut asunder or beaten with many stripes, concluding that such harsh treatment could never be the lot of a saved person. Thus, they instantly assume the unfaithful servants in the parable must be referring to those who are unsaved. As we shall see, the entire parable applies to the saved, and one of the keys to interpretation is understanding that parabolic language is figurative. Second, throughout the parable Jesus repeatedly refers to that servant and his lord master see v.42, 43, 45, 46, 47. The Lord is obviously Christ and the servant is a saved person. Unsaved people are never referred to as servants of Christ. Furthermore, the repeated use of the phrase that servant clearly indicates that Jesus is not referring to four different people one saved, three unsaved, or some other combination . Instead, this is one servant, who has four possible lifestyle choices. Cr. James Hollandsworth KingdomPreparation Reward or Loss

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