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  • MT on Acts 1:8
    About 14years ago, I experienced the Holy Spirit not knowing the purpose of the Holy Spirit. Let me explain, I grew up a catholic, not reading the bible, and when the Holy Spirit came in a vision, I began speaking in tongues. I knew it was God and his language. I have always loved and believed in Jesus. Throughout that time, I felt God had greater things for me. So, I began to search for the TRUTH, the word of God. I have never heard that people could speak in tongues nor did I think it existed. Because of my lack of knowledge, I began to read the bible. I have then repented and was baptized, full submersion, in the name of Jesus and was able to receive the Holy Spirit again. I also felt that God wanted me to be in a church that fosters the Holy Spirit. Why? Put it this way... if your thirsty you 'll go where there 's water. Thank you Lord for your blessings!
  • Albert - in Reply on Acts 1:8
    I am so blessed by your testimony. I, too, experienced the infilling of the HolyGhost and the baptism in water in the name of Jesus. It is a wonderful experience for all who thirst for righteousness; the Bible promises that they will be filled. I encourage all believers to ask God to fill them with the HolyGhost. The HolyGhost is the Spirit of God; The HolyGhost is Spirit of Truth. He will lead you, direct you, and empower you for service. You cannot be an effective witness without the HolyGhost. You receive power from God. The power to live holy, sanctified(set apart for service), the power to cast out devils, the power to lay hands on the sick, and watch them recover. When the HolyGhost comes, a person will speak with other tongues. It has happened to me and I have witnessed it happen to others. The HolyGhost is real.


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