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  • Randy Jay Rance on Exodus 29
    Hello there my question is a serious one that nobody seems to want to explain fully ? What was the full potential of offering up the fat Ex.29 13 and other verses. I have heard it explained that the Israelites " liked " the fat being that it wasn 't good for them, God would have them offer it up to Him and Yes, it was a pleasing aroma to His highest Majesty. Can you confirm, or deny this thought or add to the hidden depth of offering up the fat. PLEASE, Thank You Sincerely.
  • Smitty - in Reply on Exodus 29
    The fat and the best portions of meat from the best of the herds and flocks being sacrificed was simply this. If a friend were to come to your house to eat would you not offer your best to them? Well, God demanded a sacrifice be made to him by the Israelites to atone for their sins. In return God made a covenant with them that he would be their God and as long as they did this he would dwell with them. So they offered up their best as he commanded. It has nothing to do with dietary concerns.

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