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  • Joseph on Genesis 18
    One of the many attributes and names of God is the Omnipotent, El Shaddai who alone specialises in things that are impossible with men Luke 1 37 . This passage is a lesson to us to trust God and exercise faith in HIM for whatever needs of our lives. Sarah had lost all hope that she could conceive at the age of 90yrs, and the question God asked is for ALL CHRISTIANS 'IS THERE ANYTHING TOO HARD FOR THE LORD? ' Genesis 18 14 . Let us come to God boldly with our requests, especially for a local, regional, state and national revival wherever we live to stem the evil tide that is presently consuming this corrupt world. All things are possible with God and He wants us to partner with HIM in prayers and faith based on the BIBLE. May God start a mighty revival through us in Jesus Name.


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