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  • Bernice Eloho Okwezuzu on Genesis 8:4
    Our God is awesome! The ark rested in the 7th Month on the 17th day, upon the Mountains of Ararat. This shows how specific Our God is. It shows that there is time and place for everything. There were so many Mountains...Why did God choose Ararat? God has a place for everything. Divine timing goes with Divine Positioning. Have you ever asked God if where you are now is the right place for you? If you are going through a flood like experience, an up and down situation, instability etc I advice you pray and ask God to cause your ark to rest in the right place...There is a Mountain Ararat for you and until you get there you can 't rest. I pray for you today that the Good Lord will cause your ark to rest in your Mountain Ararat in Jesus Name! Amen.


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